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It’s a Bird, it’s a plane, it’s a… FRUIT??? And a bird. A bird fruit? Sort of. The Kiwi-bird is actually the national symbol of New Zealand.  This location also boasts a huge exportation of kiwi, the fruit. The green translucent flesh dotted with tiny black seeds is a pleasure to look at, as well as taste. You first need to peel the furry peel to enjoy its goodness. And while you are tasting it, bask in the glory of how healthy one kiwifruit is. Kiwis are a repository of Vitamins C and E, as well as folate and potassium.  Not to mention they have been known to be naturally high in antioxidants and other potentially-beneficial phytochemicals. Who can’t use a little help to fight aging, right?
But although I love the shock of green that kiwi provides my fruit platters, once or twice a year, a variation of the kiwi comes out that melts in my mouth. Let me digress. I have two great friends named Suri, or Surie (and woe to me if I mix up their spelling.  After all, my name is spelled pretty crazy too.) Finished reading the byline to see how I spelled my name? Ok , welcome back. As I was saying, When I have some extra home-made tehina, Suri B. is my destination to bring some over. She has since moved further away from me, but is always on my mind as a fan of this awesome stuff.  But if I want a partner in kiwi crime, you can bet that the address to go to is Surie W. Kiwi sorbet, kiwi tarts, a or kiwi infused fruit salad usually grace one of our tables.
Once a year, a lighter, less tangy version of the kiwi, the Golden Kiwi, comes out and blows my mind. Golden kiwi is a lighter yellow and has a less furry skin. Think of it as what the golden pineapple is to the former white ones.  A breed that I can’t imagine living without. Surie and I can easily go through a case  (they last pretty long in the refrigerator) of this heavenly fruit. Another variation is the baby kiwi, aka, kiwi berry, that is the size of a grape, with an amazingly thin skin. It isn’t furry like the original kiwi and therefore needs no peeling. (Besides, can you imagine peeling grapes?) No matter how you slice it, bring some summer into the cold winter days and grab a kiwi
Here is a variation of a yummy fruit salad I eat at Surie W.’s house


  • oranges – 2 , peeled and segmented
  • *Reserve two tablespoons of the juice of the oranges that will inevitably fall when you cut the orange. If you don’t get two tablespoons, add two tablespoons of your own orange juice. –
  • blood orange – 1 , peeled and segmented
  • golden pineapple – 3 cups diced
  • kiwis – 4 , peeled and cut slightly larger than a dice
  • pomegranate seed arils – 1 cup
  • sugar – 1 Tablespoon (optional)


Mix everything together, and enjoy!

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