Fruit for Thought….


Revamping ones website can be daunting for many. Choosing color schemes, acquiring appropriate photographs and most of all writing the content is a project not to be sneezed at. (Thank goodness I have the one and only Chani Adler to help me.)

Lucky for me, I had a website already and many of the descriptions were available for me to take from the previous one.

Cut and paste, cut and paste. All I had to do was edit out some content that was no longer applicable (sorry, we only sell juices on special order) or add in some new items (lychee sorbet anyone?)

But this website was going to be linked to a project that I have been meaning to do for years. That is, starting my own blog.

I have been writing food blog material for some time now. Thanks to Estee Kafra of for getting me into writing about my emotional attachment to all things produce. I had many entries on her Best of Season section on the website. I even made it to her Cooking Inspired cookbook with a zucchini recipe and a roast recipe. (What does roast have to do with produce, ummmm, onions???)

But writing for myself was a bit harder. Besides needing new material, I now had to come up with a name.

I was stumped! (Still am.) My son came up with the one listed above, Fruit for Thought, but I am still on the prowl for a name that will encompass the fact that my blog will showcase all types of produce, including fruits, vegetables, and even nuts. As people ask what we sell, we always say “If it grows from the ground we sell it. (Except for some green things that people have been using for medicinal use as of late….)

So I beg you, dear reader. Come up with a clever name that screams: Produce Aficionado, or Cornucopia Chef.

This is the official launch of my contest. The winning entry will receiveĀ a $36 dollar gift certificate towards our soups, sorbets and dips.

Happy naming!

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