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Welcome to our website!

Fruit Platters and More started in about 2000 as a side hobby. Eliahu had many years of catering experience creating fruit or cake displays. Friends decided to order a platter, or mini fruit display, from us, rather than from a supermarket or fruit store. Chaia took her marketing and people skills to build the menu and the rest, as they say, is history. Though your happiness in the present is what we care about most.

It’s our customer service, ability to meet allergy needs, and desire to really make our customers happy, that brings our loyal customers back.

Looking forward to serving you.

Eliahu and Chaia Frishman

Thansk to Chani Adler for creating this site, Glenn Holman who created our first site, and Naftoli Goldgrab  for the incredible pictures of our platters and bowls. (Check out his website: http://www.naftolig.com/.)  We also thank Elisheva Elefant for being so professional and doing our wonderful flyers which are advertised in the Five Towns Jewish Times. Some of the photographs come from a photo shoot done by Meir Haltovsky for Mishpacha magazine.


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